EIPH Industriehydraulik

EIPH industrial hydraulics
The new EIPH series has been developed especially for the rigorous demands of industrial hydraulics. The pumps in this series feature particularly low-noise operation, excellent efficiencies and a long service life. They can of course easily be combined to create multiple pumps with separate or common intakes.

The EIPH is a logical development of the gap-compensated Eckerle internal gear pumps that have been tried and tested in the industry for over 40 years.

Example applications:
Press technology | Marine engineering | Paper industry | Conveyor and lifting technology | Plastic and rubber injection moulding technology | Energy-efficient speed-controllable servo drives | Power plant technology | Wind power plants | Brake ventilator (for container gantries, cranes, lifts)

operating principle of EIPH pump models


EIPH2-RK - Wellenende zylindrisch mit Durchtrieb - SAE B Flansch

EIPH3-RA - Wellenende zylindrisch ohne Durchtrieb

EIPH6-RB - Wellenende SAE verzahnt mit Durchtrieb