Gotec SA

Rue des Casernes 59
1950 Sion - Schweiz
Telefon: +41 (0) 27 205 7 205


Gotec SA was founded in 1963 in Sion, in the heart of the French/Swiss Alps. The name stands for Geräte Otto Eckerle (equipment by Otto Eckerle). From the very start, all kinds of different pumps and pump systems have been developed and produced, including electromagnetic pumps, heating oil distribution systems, condensate pumps and vane pumps.

GOTEC products are synonymous worldwide with superlative quality and precision. The mostly customer-specific solutions are created on the company’s own production and testing lines.

Thanks to this expertise and the initiative of its workforce, a completely new system for the extraction of coffee in espresso machines has also been developed and the results patented. The virtually silent and volume-orientated preparation, as well as the revolutionary design, are just some of the reasons why this system, which was awarded the coveted RedDot Design Award in July 2013 for outstanding design, is such a great success.

Since the end of May 2020, GOTEC has found a new home in St. Léonard - just a few kilometers from Sion - and is happy to welcome you to the new premises.