EIPH6-250RK23-1x - EIPH internal gear high-pressure pumps

Ordernumber: 600060015


Press technology, general Machine tool industry, Paper industry, Conveyor and lifting technology, Plastic and rubber injection technology, Energy-efficient speed-controllable servo drives.


The EIPH and EIPS2-S111 series were developed especially for use in industry and its rigorous demands on hydraulics. The pumps in this series are the result of our decades of experience in the development of internal gear systems. They feature especially low-noise operation, excellent levels of efficiency and long service lives at high pressures.

Technical data
Pump volume (l/min) at 1,500 rpm 375
Nominal size250
Vth - specific volume (cm³/rev)249.9
Permanent operating pressure (bar)140
Peak operating pressure (bar)150
Wave endcylindrical
Max. speed (rpm)2000
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