DSA100 - Pressure storage assembly

Ordernumber: 6160112598


The assembly has a powerful yet low-noise internal gear pump that is powered by an electric motor. The pump can fill a 5 l diaphragm accumulator in storage charge mode. The control operates as a function of pressure and, as required by EN 12514, has low oil and line break safety trips. The built-in non-return valve secures the intake line against unwanted pressure rises and prevents backflow of the operating medium. An integrated oil catch pan with leak monitoring offers additional security. The system has a suction filter already integrated, as well as a status display that visually represents the operating status. An easily removable dust cover protects the device from dust and moisture. The suction and pressure connection is designed for 10 x 1 mm copper pipes. The device is supplied with mounting material and a mains plug.


  • Central supply of larger residential properties with multiple oil heaters (from 12 supply points) 
  • Automatic oil supply for oil burners, CHP plants or similar consumers in single-pipe operation. Output range: up to 1,000 kWh

Technical data
Pump module (L x W x H in mm)530 x 240 x 510
Electrical data230 V/50 Hz,130 VA
Max. delivery volume (l/h)100
Max. delivery height (m)26
Max. head height (m)3
Tank capacity (l)5
Special featureintegrated check valve on the suction line
for gas condensing systems up to (kW)1000
Weight approx. (kg)21
Pump pressure (bar)3,2
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