KD10 - Pressure storage assembly

Ordernumber: 110493


Acccumulator with electromagnetic piston pump and path-dependent control and safety device. The integrated accumulator is filled depending on the pressure of the piston pump and thus reduces energy consumption. The KD10 has a pressure gauge, an integrated suction filter and suction-side check valve. A safety oil pan with emergency shut-off is already installed.

Ready-to-plug in and supplied with mounting strip, cable connections 8 x 1 mm.

The pump is type-tested according to DIN EN 12514-1: 05.2000.


  • Central oil distribution system up to 12 consumers (suitable for full-year-operation)
  • Feeding pump for oil burners in single-line systems

Technical data
Pump module (L x W x H in mm)180 x 150 x 280
Electrical data230 V/50 Hz, 40 VA
Max. delivery volume (l/h)14
Max. delivery height (m)14
Max. head height (m)3
Special featureintegrated check valve on the suction line
Weight approx. (kg)4
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