SP32-03-200-M/-O/-E - High-power suction assembly

Ordernumber: 6160017500 (M), 6160017600 (E), 6160017700 (O)


High-power internal gear pump (leak gap compensated), E motor, float, control and safety device, suction filter, 8 l oil supply container, safety catch pan with electrical leak monitoring and fault switch-off; LCD display for permanent operation and fault monitoring, vacuum meter, 2 separate supply connections: optionally with electrical, mechanical or no anti-siphon valves, all line connections via the oil catch pan, line connections on the suction side 15 x 1 mm, outflow side 2 x (10 x 1 mm), separate bleed connection, assembled ready to connect and with cabling.
Version M with mechanical anti-siphon valves.
Version E  with electrical anti-siphon valves
Version O without anti-siphon valves





  • Fully automatic suction pump assembly for supplying one or more oil heaters up to max. 180 l/h total power (see power diagram), for single-pipe operation only

Technical data
Pump module (L x W x H in mm)460 × 245 × 635
Electrical data230 V/50 Hz, 150 VA
Max. head height (m)9,5
Weight approx. (kg)20
Max. suction power (l/h)180
Oil supply container (l)8
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