Condensate pumps, Condensing boiler technology

Condensate pumps, Condensing boiler technology

Special materials and coatings to protect against low pH levels guarantee reliable operation and a long service life.

If you need to generate high pumping capacities, our EKF15T, EKF15-25NB and EKF17-60NB tank pumps are the number 1 choice. The Teflon cone valves used create a reliable seal and are unaffected by dirt, even after prolonged operation. In addition to a neutralisation device as standard, the above models can also be equipped with active carbon filtration. (Oil-powered condensing boiler technology).

Our EE300, EE400M and EE400M Premium tank pumps operate according to the principle of centrifugal pumps. Key characteristics include their high transport capacity and insensitivity to dirt. Specially encapsulated versions with a higher safety class - such as the EE400M / EE400M Premium - can be used in harsh environments with high ambient humidity and media way beyond the pH-neutral zone.


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