ET_17 - electromagnetic pump

The ET_17 is a piston pump. The coil, piston, suction and pressure connections are produced in various designs and materials. Spring-loaded valves on the intake and output side allow the pump to aspirate easily during operation. It is possible to operate the pump not only at mains frequency, but also through frequency regulation or pulsed control.

Electromagnetic pumps are used to transport neutral and aggressive liquids. They feature a simple structure and excellent reliability.  They have been performing brilliantly in all kinds of applications such as air-conditioning technology, oil transport technology, stage technology and also medical technology. They also offer users a wealth of important advantages in the cleaning and food industry:

• Maintenance-free
• Automatic pressure limitation
• No shaft seals
• Robust, industrial designs
• Suitable for permanent operation
• Tiny footprints

Technical data

Contact person

Thomas Ullrich

Phone +49 (0) 7246 9204 57
Fax +49 (0) 7246 / 9204-44


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